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24-1-2 Inch Adjustable Dog Collar Equipped With Led Lights :(units= 12)

24-1-2 Inch Adjustable Dog Collar Equipped With Led Lights :(units= 12)
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This is a 24.5" adjustable dog collar with a buckle fastener.This collar includes a light, measuring 1.25" x 2" red light with 3 led bulbs.The light clips right on to the collar in any location you wish.Your dog will be safer at night because he will be visible to motorists.
  • this collar is adjustable to fit any neck size from 15 1/2 to 21 inches
  • 3 led lights provide extra bright light to be visible to motorists
  • 3 light modes of operation - steady, flashing or strobe flashing
  • light unit can also be placed on purse, pocket or backpack or on a different collar
  • this light unit operates on 2-ag10 button cell batteries which are included
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