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3 Meter Retracting Dog Leash In Plastic Case With Light And Disposable Waste Bags

3 Meter Retracting Dog Leash In Plastic Case With Light And Disposable Waste Bags
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You can walk your dog with confidence with this retractable dog leash.This leash features a strong, durable nylon leash with a strong metal clip for your dog's harness or collar.The unit also features a flashlight for night-time walking, and a waste bag holder to enable you to clean up after your pet.
  • 3m retracting leash with hook-you can let out a little or a lot- push button control to stop
  • built in flashlight has 3 ultra bright led bulbs plus a large reflector to light your way
  • handle has a very comfortable urgonomic grip-you can keep a firm grip even with a big dog
  • this leash includes a supply of waste bags for picking up after your pet- great to have one handy
  • easy to reach battery compartment for the flashlight takes 2 "aa" batteries (not included)
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