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Model: IDXBC604558
MICRO PUMP 104 MULTI-FUNCTION SUBMERSIBLE PUMPFor internal or external filter applications terrarium waterfalls small ponds or desktop fountainsFor fresh or saltwater applicationsAdjustable flow ratePump can run dry for 30+ days without damageUl rated for safetyUPC : 097612021042Length : 2.6Width : ..
$34.27 Ex Tax:$34.27
Model: IDXBC602005
NANO COMBO DOME LAMP FIXTUREVery small dual-lamp fixure for nano-size terrariums (10 gallon or smaller)Ideal for small geckos hatchling reptiles amphibians tarantulas insects and other invertebrates.For use only with zoo meds's nano heating & lighting products (lamps not included)Holds up to 40 watt..
$44.24 Ex Tax:$44.24
Model: IDXBC602004
NANO DOME LAMP FIXTUREVery small fixture for nano-size terrariums ( 10 gallon or smaller)Ideal for small geckos hatchling reptiles amphibians tarantuals insects and other invertebrates.For use only with zoo meds nano heating & lighting products. (lamps not included)Holds up to 40 watts.UPC : 0976123..
$28.99 Ex Tax:$28.99
Model: IDXBC690102
REPTIRAIN AUTOMATIC MISTING MACHINEProgrammable misting unit for terrariums bird cages aviaries or indoor gardensPortable for indoor or outdoor useFour spray interval settings: every hour 3 hours 6 hours or 12 hoursIncludes adjustable mounting hooks 4 point suction cup hold down remote nozzle extens..
$101.63 Ex Tax:$101.63
Model: IDXBC679976
REPTITEMP DIGITAL INFRARED THERMOMETERSmall pocket-sized infrared thermometer that instantly measures terrarium temperatures with the click of a buttonGreat for monitoring basking sites shelters thermal gradients incubation and hibernation temperaturesCan be set to read temperatures at both fahrenhe..
$39.42 Ex Tax:$39.42
Model: IDXBC690027
TROPICAL UVB AND HEAT LIGHTING KITIncludes: mini combo deep dome lamp fixture daylight blue reptile bulb (60 watt) 13w reptisun 5.0 mini compact fluorescentIdeal for tropical setupsReptisun mini uvb offers maximum uvb penetration to help prevent or reverse bone diseaseDaylight blue reptile bulb made..
$61.20 Ex Tax:$61.20
Model: IDXBC604771
TURTLE CLEAN 318 SUBMERSIBLE FILTERSubmersible filter is designed to be the go-to filter for turtle tanks up to 30 gallonsAlso works great for filtering box turtle ponds or aquatic amphibian tanksProvides a combination of mechanical chemical and biological filtrationFully submersible with easy to ch..
$37.55 Ex Tax:$37.55
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