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Zoo Med Laboratories Inc-Reptirain Automatic Misting Machine

Zoo Med Laboratories Inc-Reptirain Automatic Misting Machine
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  • Model: IDXBC690102
  • SKU: IDXBC690102
  • UPC: 097612950106
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  • Programmable misting unit for terrariums bird cages aviaries or indoor gardens
  • Portable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Four spray interval settings: every hour 3 hours 6 hours or 12 hours
  • Includes adjustable mounting hooks 4 point suction cup hold down remote nozzle extension and 6 watt ac adaptor
  • Made in the usa

  • UPC : 097612950106
    Length : 11.5
    Width : 5.5
    Height : 12
    Shipping Dimensions: 11.5x5.5x12
    Product Type : Reptile-health Care / Misters

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