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Zoo Med Laboratories Inc-Reptitemp Digital Infrared Thermometer

Zoo Med Laboratories Inc-Reptitemp Digital Infrared Thermometer
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  • UPC: 097612370027
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  • Small pocket-sized infrared thermometer that instantly measures terrarium temperatures with the click of a button
  • Great for monitoring basking sites shelters thermal gradients incubation and hibernation temperatures
  • Can be set to read temperatures at both fahrenheit or celsius
  • Min/max function that allows you to monitor the fluctuations in your terrarium over time
  • Temperatures measurement range of -28 to 230 degrees fahrenheit and -33 to 110 degrees celsius
  • Includes one cr2082 lithium cell battery

  • UPC : 097612370027
    Length : 5.75
    Width : 4.25
    Height : 5.75
    Shipping Dimensions: 5.75x4.25x5.75
    Product Type : Reptile-heating Accessories / Gauges

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